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Consular Services


General information

  1. Application for any service with all required supporting documents should be submitted to the Consulate General in person or by mail. (Please see "Consulate Contacts" for address information).

  2. Applications could be submitted at any time during working hours (9:00am-4:30pm) at the Consulate General if applying in person.Any application submitted in person will be processed within the next day.

  3. A self-addressed PREPAID return envelope must be attached when an application is submitted by mail.

  4. It is strongly advisable that applicants can use registered mail to avoid any inconvenience relating to the loss of documents.(Consulate General's address pg.1).

  5. All mailed application processed within one business day, provided that all the requirements are met.

  6. Contact the Consulate General if you haven’t received your document within the specified period of time.

  7. All fees should be paid by Money Order or Certified Check and made payable to the Consulate General of Ethiopia. Please make sure that the fee is the exact amount in required currency. (CND or USD).

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Massage from the Embassy of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Ottawa, Canada

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A Week in the Horn

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